Apple Pay + your
Bank X card

Apple Pay allows you to enjoy the ease and security of using your Bank X debit card with your eligible Apple device.

  • A Convenient Payment Experience

    Now there’s no need to worry if you ever forget to bring your Bank X debit card with you.

    With Apple Pay, your device becomes your payment method. By linking your Bank X debit card to your iPhone® 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch, you’ll be able to use your device as you would use your debit card. And because Apple Pay is accepted in hundreds of thousands of stores, you’ll find Apple Pay to be amazingly convenient.

    Just another benefit available to Bank X account holders.

  • To add your Bank X debit card on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, open Passbook and tap the plus sign. Then select "Add Another Card" and follow the instructions.

    To add your card on Apple Watch, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap "Passbook & Apple Pay", then tap "Add Credit or Debit Card" and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Once your Bank X debit card has been added to Apple Pay, you will need to call our customer service to complete the provisioning procedure. Representatives are available Monday - Friday 6 am to 6 pm PST at 1-877-247-8018

    For more instructions see

  • With Apple Pay, your card number and identity are not shared with the merchant. Instead, your payment information is encrypted and stored directly on your Apple device. When a purchase is made, a single-use security code is generated that combines with your Apple device’s unique Device Account Number to transmit payment.

    In order to use your Bank X debit card with Apple Pay, you’ll be required to speak directly with a customer service representative. Our team will verify your identity and confirm that you added your card to your Apple device before activation occurs. After yours Bank X card is successfully added to Apple Pay, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • The Apple Pay merchant network is growing. Learn more about participating retailers and apps here:

    Plus with Apple Pay, you still get all the rewards, benefits and securities your card provides.