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Savings You Can Count On

With X savings3, Bank X pledges to offer higher savings rates than the average Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of the top 50 National U.S. banks and thrifts4.

We understand that most people spend nearly all the money they earn, but that they also do their best to set a little aside out of each paycheck for a rainy day. The entire point of a savings account is to help people make the most of that money they set aside so that it can grow into something more substantial. That's where X savings comes into play.

With X savings, Bank X can help you make your money go further so that if you're ready to save, you will earn a great interest rate. In fact, we're more than willing to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. Look at the table below, and you'll see that X savings from Bank X offers savings rates that bigger banks simply cannot match.

All this, no monthly maintenance fee, and it takes only $100 to open an X savings account. As deals go, this one is sweet.

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